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Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Searching for Roof Cleaning near me?

  In Portland, Salem and surrounding areas, Roof cleaning is an essential service that diligent homeowners manage with urgency.

  A clean and well-maintained roof is an essential task in property maintenance and preservation, especially in Oregon. Roofs collect dirt, debris, and moss, which not only looks bad but if neglected, can cause serious damage. Roof Savers LLC is here to provide easy and effectives solutions, we specialize in high-quality, modern roof cleaning and moss removal techniques.
Traditionally, roof cleaning has involved high-pressure washing, which could easily damage the roof tiles or shingles.
Others rely on the old brush and zinc powder, which is effective, but its' effectiveness depends on low wind and rain.
Soft washing, on the other hand, is a gentler method, more thorough and effective roof washing method that we prefer to use. Soft washing uses low-pressure water and roof cleaning solutions, to kill and remove moss, algae, and other pest and debris from the roof. This method not only cleans the roof more thoroughly, but it is also safer and less likely to cause damage.
In severe cases where moss has heavily taken over a roof, our technicians will gently and manually remove the moss with a soft brush, clear the gutters, and finish with a rejuvenating roof wash using low pressure soft washing equipment. 
Roof cleaning is important because the accumulation of debris, moss, and other organic pest can attract excess moisture and may cause water damage or lead to more serious problems and expenses over time.
Roof Savers takes pride in offering comprehensive roof cleaning services and options to fit every situation.  We ensure that your entire roofing system is well-maintained and in good condition by including gutter cleaning with our roof cleaning service.
  Roof washing and moss removal should not be overlooked. Thank you for choosing Roof Savers LLC your roof is in good hands.
Don't wait for damage to set in, exterior cleaning saves you money.
Request your fast and easy estimate today!

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